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Founding Sponsor

Founding Sponsor - $7,500

2 of 3 available

Note: The Founding Sponsorship will only be offered this year but Founding Sponsors will receive recognition as such for as long as they sponsor Blue Drop Awards. This is a truly unique sponsorship opportunity that will grow in value year after year.

Founding Sponsors will receive:

  • The opportunity to be recognized for giving back to the Drupal community at this historic first Blue Drop Awards
  • 25% discount on all future Blue Drop Awards sponsorships
  • Right of first refusal through 2014 on the highest sponsorship level
  • Corporate Name/Logo promoted as a Founding Sponsor at top of all sponsor listings
  • Recognition as a Founding Sponsor on the websites (main site and winner showcase)
  • Site-wide direct link to the Founding Sponsor’s website on the main Blue Drop Awards 2012 website
  • Logo and link will be listed site-wide for at least 24 months on 2012 “winners” section of the Blue Drop Awards website (in perpetuity as possible)
  • Founding Sponsor badge for sponsor’s website
  • Founding Sponsorship recognition in all pre and post event PR
  • Recognition as a Founding Sponsor at awards presentation
  • Large sponsorship logo and booth number on the Blue Drop Awards booth at Drupalcon
  • Mention in Tweets, Blogs, podcasts, case studies, etc. regarding the Blue Drop Awards
  • Thanked with link in all announcement emails (nominations, finalists, winners, etc.)
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