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Goals Module

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Brief Overview 

User engagement has become a primary metric of website success. Though many people think simply adding points and badges will 'gamify' their site and in turn increase user engagement--this is simply not the case. Website creators need to be aware of the motivators for their user base and leverage these to create an engaging experience.

The Goals Module is a gamification platform for your Drupal site. Using this module and Rules, you can quickly set up a custom gamification system for your site. Proper gamification techniques can make a big difference in the overall adoption and engagement on the sites we work so hard to create.

Launch or Publication Date 
Monday, December 24, 2012
Duo utilizes Drupal open-source technologies to create content-rich websites accessible through traditional and mobile platforms. Duo is committed to supporting the Drupal community through its membership in the Drupal Association, sponsorship of U.S. Drupalcons including Portland, contributed module development & maintenance, host of the Chicago Drupal Meetup Group and more.
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Book, Module, Theme, or Event
A goal is composed of a set of tasks which you want users to complete. A task is an individual or series of actions that must be completed within a specified time frame. For example, a Goal could be the "Getting Started" goal, where a user needs to: Log in to the site once per day for three consecutive days, Post a status message, and Make a Friend connection on the site. When the goal is achieved, any number of things can be triggered with Rules, such as: Awarding userpoints Awarding a user badge Granting additional role Documentation & How-tos Goals documentation page ( Video - Goals module introduction and demo ( This module was created and is maintained with support from Duo Consulting.
Who Made It 
Scott Weston, Drupal Architect, Duo Consulting