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Catherine Zerba, REALTOR

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Brief Overview 

As a personal site for the Real Estate industry, this site goes above and beyond what most Real Estate agents seek. It brings out the most important aspects of outbound marketing, with social integration and usability that encourages the owner to update the content frequently.

Most importantly, since implementing this site, Catherine's business has grown and seen real results. While still in development, the design of the new site helped her to land a top listing, and in a challenging market that has put many Realtors out of business, Catherine has risen to the top, as one fo the Top 20 Agents for December of 2012.

For our company, the proof is in the performance. Catherine's online marketing is increasing her reach and visibility. For us, that is the truest reward.

Launch or Publication Date 
Sunday, April 1, 2012
Catherine Zerba, REALTOR Website
Key Modules, Theme, and Distribution Used 
Live CSS Signwriter Excerpt IMCE Zen Theme
Why these Modules, Theme, and Distribution were Chosen 

Our development team chose the Zen theme b/c it is one of the most efficient for us to customize for the client's needs. The modules chosen are some of the standard ones used by our team to develop a unique brand appearance for the client, as well as provide the services and features needed for the project. 

Owner's Name 
Catherine Zerba
Development Company 
108 degrees, llc
108 degrees provides online marketing solutions for small to mid-size businesses, including development of Drupal websites. We specialize in custom development solutions and usability challenges.
Why Drupal Was Chosen 
After several years of using industry standard 'site builders' Catherine was tired of the poor quality and high cost associated with every site update. She wanted a custom solution that reflected her personal brand (that didn't look like any other Realtor) and provided a simple process add new property listings. It was also critical that her use of social media be emphasized, and that her site visitors could quickly find and contact her online. Drupal offered a customized look and feel with a highly usable solution at an affordable price.
Describe the Project (Goals, Requirements, and Outcome) 

Catherine is one of her region's top Real Estate sales professionals, and uses professional quality photography for all her listings. She wanted a site that helped to showcase the quality of photography for her listings, since it is an important factor in how buyers perceive a property online.

In addition to developing her brand appearance and giving the site a feel that was unique from all other Realtors in the area, she also wanted to emphasize the positive experiences of her clients. We used a rotating content node populated with Client Quotes to help emphasize her top quality service.

We integrated all of her social media accounts in both the main page footer and via a 'floating footer' that hovers as a visitor scrolls down the page, also including her phone number, to ensure that page visitors had instant access to her contact information. The social media links also appear in the sidebar of most pages, which also encourages sign up to her email marketing lists.

Providing Catherine with a Blog allowed her to open regular communication with her audience, and creating a RESOURCES section where she could list preferred vendors gives visitors and past home buyers knowledge of the area and customer service without the trouble of a phone call.

Finally, we created a simple listing form that allowed Catherine to easily add her new listings as well as archive her closed sales, creating a portfolio of her Real Estate work for the last several years. This helps to promote her current work as well as give potential Sellers and idea of the quality of listings she is known for.

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Drupal Community Comments

the registration mark in the URL is breaking several links & browswers. It would be better to change the alias here.

Will do. Thanks for letting me know!